What Does Selling for Cash Really Look Like?

Reliable Home Buyers promises to put money directly in your hand within a couple weeks of your offer-acceptance. But how can something that good, be true?! Selling for cash may not look exactly like having a stack of bills put in your palm, but the concept is generally accurate. Here’s how we can give you cash for your home.

Evaluating the Value

We start when you ask us to. Your request for a quote requires a basic description of your home and its quality—things like the home’s location, size, age, amenities and condition, that each contribute to the home’s worth—which we then use to establish a fair price for the property. Within 24 hours of your submission, Reliable Home Buyers extends an offer to you for your consideration. No real estate agents, lawyers, or outside assistance is necessary!

Analyzing the Offer

The next step is yours: our offer comes with no obligation on your end to sell to us, but we can assure that our price will be fair and fast… a combo that is hard to come by in the housing market! As you analyze our offer, keep in mind that we cover all closing costs and repairs, saving you substantial funds for your housing needs. Think of our investments as part of the deal—while the offer is often below market value, you are saving a good chunk of money that you normally would have to spend on staging, listing, commissions, other real estate services and more.

Money Straight to You

If you choose to accept the offer, we will have a contract drawn up by our legal teams within a week or so of your acceptance. We go by your timeline, so whenever you’re ready to make the move, we’re ready to make the sale happen! The way we deliver the money is also up to you: we can give you a check for the full price, or we can send the money directly to your bank so it is immediately available for your use. No hidden fees, no extended contracts—the full amount, given to you on the date of your choosing, without the hassle of closing costs or fanfare.

For more information on what this process looks like, or for answers on how we can make your ideal timeline and cash-goal a reality, explore our website today!

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