Buying with Cash: What This Process Looks Like

If you’re looking for the fastest way to sell your home, you are sure to have come across home buying companies as an especially promising option. Easy, straightforward and fast, selling to a home buying company is one of the most painless processes in real estate.

Start With the Evaluation

It all starts with your inquiry. You submit a request to the company to evaluate your home using basic information on the property: size, location, age, renovations, valuable amenities and more. This evaluation is fast and easy, and requires no walk throughs or staging to make the house appear valuable—these companies invest in the potential of your home, meaning there is also not need for repairs to damages or renovations before selling. You don’t have to do anything to your home for them to determine a fair value for your property. Usually the turnaround from inquiry to offer takes only a day or so!

Accept the Offer

You can feel confident that the extended offer treats you and your home right. You should also consider the money you will be saving by selling to home buyers… no fees for real estate agents, no expenses for staging and repairs, no costs of listing or legal processes. In fact, many home buyers will even cover your closing costs! Add these all together and you are saving a substantial amount of money, plus getting the easiest processing available.

Official Sale and Closing

Once you have accepted the offer, the timeline turns over to you. The home buying company will be ready to hand over cash for your home on a day of your choosing, allowing you however much time you need to sort out the logistical aspects of a move on your end. Or, if you’re all ready to sell as soon as possible, you can close in as few as seven days from your offer acceptance! That’s all it takes, from start to finish—roughly a single week to take your property off of your hands and replace it with cash or check for your next steps, whatever they may be, also letting you avoid the struggle of mortgage negotiations.

Interested in how selling to a home buyer company compares with your average home sale process? Explore Reliable Home Buyers website for more information on the benefits, details, and requirements of this process.  

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